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Liv Larson

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Liv Larsson, a Nonviolent Communication trainer and the author of 23 books, believes that vulnerability and power can be balanced: you do not need to resign from sensitivity when you want to feel power and, the other way around, you do not need to abandon your strength when you want to open up to yourself and others.

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Liv Larsson

Liv Larsson is a Certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) since 20+ years. She is an author of 23 books, published in different language. One of them is the best-selling book Anger, Guilt and Shame, Reclaiming Power and Choice.

She lives in the north of Sweden where she works as a mediator between the forest companies and the indigenous groups of reindeer herders in Scandinavia. She has led international trainings on NVC for more than 20 years and has a son of 19. She loves cross-country skiing, yoga as well as being in nature.

Ewa Panufnik

Trainer in, among others, empathetic communication, leader, organizer, author of many training programs, e.g., Ambassadors of Empathy, See Through the Eyes of Love, Become Your Own Cheerleader. Ever since she can remember, she has dreamed of changing the world for the better, on a large scale. She still believes that building a world where everyone feels at home is possible. Owner of

Michał Sosin

Works as a mentor and trainer in empathetic communication (NVC & Resonant Language), certified Resonant Healing practitioner, certified Mastermind Pro moderator, and NLP practitioner. Lecturer in empathetic communication and neuroempathy at SWPS University and WSB University in Toruń. Entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience. Co-created the success of companies such as DocPlanner (in Poland:, built the company Nobilitus, specializing in obtaining financing for research and development activities from NCBiR, and is a mentor in startup accelerators (PFR).

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